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Can an AI system really choose girls for their age and beauty?

Yes, AI can be trained to estimate a person's age using facial recognition, but it is not always accurate. The accuracy of an AI model's age estimation depends on several factors, including the quality of the training data, the complexity of the model, and the variability in the ages and appearances of the individuals in the training data. However, it is worth noting that the accuracy of AI-based age estimation can be affected by factors such as lighting, pose, and facial expressions, which can make it difficult for the model to accurately determine a person's age in all situations. Additionally, many AI-based age estimation systems are subject to biases that can impact their accuracy, especially when it comes to estimating the ages of people from diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds.

Is there a way an AI can judge physical beauty in women?

AI-based physical beauty judgment is a controversial and complex issue. Beauty is a culturally and socially constructed concept that can vary greatly from one society to another and even from one individual to another. There is no objective standard for beauty, and what one person finds attractive may not be attractive to another. As a result, creating an AI system to judge physical beauty is a difficult and subjective task. Currently, many AI systems that claim to judge physical beauty rely on a limited and stereotypical definition of beauty, which can result in biases and reinforce harmful societal norms.

Is there a way an AI can judge physical beauty in women?

Well it's all about fertility isn't it? The perception that youth is considered more attractive in women is a cultural and societal construct that has changed over time and varies across different cultures and societies. In many societies, youth is often associated with physical vitality, energy, and the ability to bear children, which have traditionally been seen as desirable qualities in a mate. Additionally, in many societies, there is a long-standing cultural ideal that associates youth and beauty with femininity, which has led to the widespread belief that women are at their most attractive when they are young. This ideal is often perpetuated in media and popular culture, which can contribute to its persistence and influence on people's perceptions of beauty. It's worth noting, however, that this perception is not universal, and attitudes towards beauty and aging vary widely across different cultures and societies. In some cultures, for example, older women are seen as more attractive due to their experience and wisdom, and in others, beauty is not necessarily linked to age at all.

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